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Why I Don’t Have Girl Friends

TIME FOR A RANT. MOST GIRLS ANNOY ME. And here are the reasons why:

  • They take so many freaking pictures of themselves, particularly their faces. Umm I already know what you look like and if  I can’t remember, I will make sure to look at your profile picture, thank you! And then they add a “deep” quote to accompany their picture such as “Ignorance is bliss”….DOES YOUR VAPID SELF EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?????  Or you have the ghetto girls that post something along the lines of “F@#$ h8terz, get muney” or some other profane message. I don’t know which post is worse! Then a funny thing happens; they get like a 1,000 “Likes” on that picture! lol Wow let me be vapid twit or ghetto wannabe and see how many likes I can get on Facebook or Instagram!

    This guy clearly understands what I mean.


  • Girls that pretend to not eat just so they can rub in other people’s face and get concern or pity. Or they are skinny twits that complain about being fat just so they can fish for compliments; “Omgee I am like so fat!” -girl that weighs 82 pounds. EVERYONE DESPISES THESE GIRLS. My boyfriend pokes fun at these drama queens by saying “A cracker a day keeps fat away!”. lol I don’t find that amusing either because there are people all over this world that are starving to death not by choice. On top of all that they make you feel uncomfortable when they are scoffing at you chowing down on a BLT. (P.S. For all you trolls that think I am being insensitive, just get off this page. I know what eating disorders look like and who is just fishing for compliments and salivation from men.)

Literally fishing for compliments.

Be a good healthy role model for pete’s sake!

  • Another thing that just churns me when it comes to girls is how fake they can be! I know so many girls that are amazing one on one but then they get around other girls or guys and all of a sudden they turn into “Valley Girl” monkeys. Whaaaa? What happened to the girl that I was just giggling with or holding an intellectual conversation with. So then I don’t know who is the real her because she is too busy being a chameleon and trying to be “cool” with everyone else to be herself. I don’t understand how they can live a lie! I would be miserable!!!


  • Many girls cry about not being able to find a man that respects them and yadi yada yada… Mind you, some of these are also the same girls that have pictures of themselves on Facebook half-naked and enjoy getting schwasted every weekend leading to lesbian make out with their “girls”. Yeah well I don’t respect them either and I am a girl so I don’t understand how a maturing man filled with testosterone and other hormones is supposed to not see them as anything but a “hook-up”. Ladies respect starts with yourself.

  • Another thing I cannot stand is girls being drama queens!!! They have to make everything over the top and gossip like CRAZY!!!!!! I get soooooo annoyed hearing about what this girl did or that boy did!!!! Did you also know that we are in a recession and there are people dying of starvation in Africa?? Did you also know that I have an internship, a few odd jobs, a part-time job and I am a full-time student trying to get by and make something of myself, which also means your drama is IRRELEVANT TO ME????

This is my reaction to your petty problems.

Girls I don’t hate you. I just wish you could respect yourself a little more, be more independent, and embrace who you are! I want us all to rise and succeed. Women did not do all this revolutionizing for you to become trashy and uneducated. LOVE YOURSELF! : )

All in all, this is how I feel 🙂

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Be Nice to “Ugly” Girls

Bullying is a wide spread topic among schools and supposedly there are measures being taken to prevent it. Yet I still see headlines of 9-year-olds suiciding because they were being tormented for being too “fat” or “ugly”. I know from personal experience how it is to be bullied. People that meet me now don’t understand how DAISY PRADO could have been bullied! She is so opinionated and independent and happy! Well this is what I looked like starting from 4th grade until freshmen year of high school:

Me during my 5-year awkward stage.

That should explain why I was bullied. According to jr. high school kids, I wasn’t pretty enough. And after being told so often, I began to believe them. The only time “cute” boys would talk to me was to get some answers off my homework and I was too nice to say no. So I was “ugly” and a door mat. Very bad combo. Somehow I managed to keep my head up; maybe it was my Mother’s unconditional love or maybe my strong personality or maybe both!

After years of not feeling good enough and crying because I felt like an ogre, I finally bloomed. By “blooming” I mean I got braces, make-up, an established clothing style, a pair of tweezers, long luscious hair, along with boobs and a pronounced bottom. All of a sudden those guys that used to ask me for my homework answers, were asking me for my number. And so began my boy craze. I could not get enough of all this new found attention. Granted I wasn’t the most popular girl still but I was dating football players, which meant I was on top of my game! Or so I thought. Even though I knew in the back of my mind that these new “friends” were nothing but shallow strangers, I yearned for their attention. I yearned to be the “it” girl. I yearned to be in the “cool” kids crowd!

People think that only weak people can be bullied; that is a lie. I was always strong! I had been through a lot in my life but that never stopped me from being a excellent student and a good person. Yet I was still bullied. But I feel that being bullied made me stronger and more humble at the same time! And to be honest, I do get a little satisfaction knowing that I am on a scholarship in one of the best journalism schools in the world, learning to be a entertainment reporter while many of my bullies or “popular” girls are pregnant or growing a beer belly soaking up the “glory” days in my hometown.

Someday I hope to embark on a anti-bullying campaign because this needs to be recognized as a national issue. Helping the mental health of our country can prevent suicides or students going berserk and killing their classmates! I hope to make a difference about this!

All in all just remember to be nice to everyone you meet and don’t call that girl “ugly” because one day you might see her on TV! ; )

Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones

Me NOW. lol

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how our culture has changed

After seeing this video about parents being terrified by some of the lyrics from a Beastie Boys’ song in 1986, I thought to myself  “These poor parents would crap themselves if they heard what Lil’ Wayne says in his songs”. It’s just astounding how much our culture has changed in the past 2 decades!!! Whatever did happen to good music? Or good rap? No offense rappers, but no one wants to hear you sexualize women or talk about how you dominate 3 of them every night. No one cares if you smoke pot and drink your kidney away everyday. And no one wants to hear how much money you make. DID YOU WANT A COOKIE FOR THESE DAILY ACCOMPLISHMENTS????? And since was it okay for you to talk like that?? I am pretty sure your grandmother would not tolerate that.


On a lighter note, I loved seeing the old Oprah! 🙂 She still has the same personality! Loving the ‘fro! lol 🙂


THAT friend

We all have THAT friend that is boy crazy. This is what she looks like when she is trying to get the attention of a boy…

I won’t name anyone, but it is time for a RANT.
Why do girls act like this??? They want boys to take them seriously and blah blah blah. Then they have to put up a stupid status on Facebook about how they will never find true love. Honey, you are too busy chasing the new guy I just introduced you to and embarrassing yourself to find true love. And then they wonder why they get used like a tissue. Well, it’s because it is easy to use you and then dispose of you like a tissue.

Some people do not understand that when you least expect it is when you will find a true mate. So stop looking and chasing because the only thing you are doing is getting yourself sick and driving away all my friends. Also growing up a little will also help you find a man.

Here is another picture of what THAT friend looks like. lol

And here is a video about awful things that girls do to annoy me. But from a MALE’S PERSPECTIVE!!!

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My busy weekend: Being a crazy intern!

While everyone is being “young and wild and free” this summer, I have 2 internships and a job. Wooohooo go summer! lol : P
No worries though, I will get my turn…WHEN I AM RICH AND FAMOUS. Muahahahaha : ) Well, hopefully if all my hard work (and free work lol) pays off!

So I decided to help out at the One Direction concert…BIG MISTAKE. These kids mean business. Even their desperate moms meant business as well. Everyone and their mom (literally) would come up and ask us if we had tickets. The answer was always NO. Why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT FOR MONTHS! I have never seen fans like this before. I have been to a Young Money Cash Money Billionaires concert (starring Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross) and to the Drake concert and to the Chris Brown concert, but I have never seen behavior like this! These little girls would scream for EVERYTHING; “Omg it’s blank’s girlfriend!” “Omg it’s their drummer!” “Omg it’s their back-up dancer!” “Omg it’s their security guard!” WHO FREAKIN KNOWS THE NAME OF AN ARTIST’S BACK-UP DANCER???!!!! The answer is One Directioners. 

Here are some pics from the concert day:

Outside Comerica waiting for the concert to begin 5 hours prior…

Psycho fans waiting in the ridiculous heat for One Direction to pop out of their tour bus! Some were crying from joy…

Rikki and I inside the Comerica Theater where the One Direction concert was held.

Zayne coming out of his tour bus. Best-looking by far.

Ashley and I heading to the concert in 101.5 Jamz nice new car! #bigpimpin

My summer internship 🙂

Helped with a KMLE event the previous day. #WERK I don’t know what a weekend is…lol

I really do pray sacrificing my college summers pays off in the end.

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My busy weekend part 1: Nightmares of Nightsplash

I went to Nightspalsh on Friday with a couple of friends as a way to unwind and have some fun. I think I left more annoyed than anything. lol : ) Oh and for those that are not from Arizona, Nightsplash is the same as Sunsplash which is a big waterpark. There is not much variety to have fun in water here in AZ…

Anyways, so here is the first bad sign: a line to get into the park. I have this chronic problem and it is called IMPATIENCE. lol : P And this also meant that there were going to be lines to get on the rides…

Second bad sign: There are about a million little kids, preteens and teenagers!!! If I haven’t told you by now, I am not a big fan of kids…especially not the ones that think they are the coolest thing since the invention of sliced bread and have bad attitudes.

I decided to try and enjoy myself anyway! Then inside the waterpark I kept seeing all these little girls with those push-up bra bikinis. I am a grown woman and I still don’t wear those. Who are you trying to impress?? Some 13-year-old boy?? Don’t their parents know what their kids are wearing??? And if they do why don’t they care???? Parents these days…

Another thing that annoyed me was these parents that were torturing their 3-year-old toddlers by bringing them to Nightsplash. WHY?! They are not going to remember this experience! And if they do they are going to hate for almost making them drown or terrorizing them on those enormous slides. It is the same thing as Disneyland. Why do you take your child to Disneyland at age 2?? They are not going to remember a thing! If you really want to go to an amusement park then hire a babysitter. Passing by the first aid room of the waterpark, I saw this little boy probably, no more than 3 years old, wearing an oxygen mask and crying. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the little boy and be enraged at the ignorant mother for doing this to her child. People like her should not have children.

On a side note, I did have fun at Nightsplash though. : ) The music was great, the water was warm, and the rides were thrilling! And if you ever want to encourage your kids not to have kids take them to an amusement park so they can see what responsibility really means. lol




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Thanks Tina Fey for being realistic!

Tina Fey has always been an amusing genius. 🙂 Here she explains how the evolution of self-consciousness began. It is true.  And of course I love anything that makes a crack at the bigot, Kim Kardashian.

At one point of my life I thought she was gorgeous, but then I saw all the make-up, extensions, waxing, laser hair removal, Botox, lipo, nose job, fake eyelashes, fake tan, and who knows what other work that has been done on her! Let’s not forgot all she does is take care of herself with private trainers and Photoshop helps her A LOT.

I know you are thinking well nobody is perfect, and you are absolutely correct. NOBODY IS PERFECT, so why are we trying to create something that DOES NOT EXIST???? So that young girls can starve themselves and wear a disgusting amount of make-up at age 7 because they wanna look like someone who is FAKE on TV????

People have forgotten that make-up was made to ENHANCE THE NATURAL BEAUTY, not contort your face into a new one.

P.S. And no, I am not jealous of Kim K. I don’t ever want to be that shallow or lonely. And I definitely don’t want to have her IQ. lol : P

Well enough of my ranting, zoom into the picture and enjoy 🙂

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Subway, eat EXPENSIVE-

I am a broke college student, living at the dorms over summer while working two internships and a job. I don’t have time to cook full meals, but I also don’t have money to eat out everyday.  A few days ago after slaving away in the heat the whole day I decided to wind down to a nice cold tuna sub and an icy fruit punch from Subway. A 6-inch sub, bag of chips, and big drink would cost $5.23 with tax (yes, it is sad that I memorized that). It was in my range of budget!

I get to the register and SURPRISE, my total is $7.32… Definitely not happy. The poor employee explained to me that tuna had been moved out of the combo meal. I wasn’t going to be one of those stupid customers that argue with the employee over a price change. Clearly she had nothing to do with it! I understand this because I have worked at restaurants and retail. But other morons don’t. 

Needless to say, I hope that Subway changes their tuna sub back to the combo menu or they will lose a very valuable customer to Jimmy John’s!

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It’s raining babies!

I am so excited to attend yet another baby shower! 🙂 I love going shopping for babies but you would not catch me shopping with a baby for another 10 years MINIMUM.

The thing that makes me sad is that the ratio of baby showers to weddings is about 4:1… I feel that to give the best way a child could grow up is with a COMPLETE family. Or at least with a father that they can go to. What kind of example are you setting as a mother if your baby’s daddy was a one night stand??? I honestly think some of the girls that are pregnant got pregnant because they are attention hogs. It annoys the crap out of me when these high school girls post a picture on Facebook every day showing of their stomachs and trying to look “sexy” at the same time. YOU ARE PREGNANT. That does not amount to any sort of sexiness. So stop exploiting your unborn child for attention.

For those who planned to be mothers and are married or at least committed to someone, CONGRATULATIONS. 🙂

Here is a meme to shed some humor on this prego craze lol 😛


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