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Yes it is September, aka THE BEST MONTH EVER!!!

Reasons as to why:

1) It’s my birthday month. Here is a meme of what I will be doing at midnight on my birthday:

2) Starbucks will bring out its seasonal drinks again! Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel Mocha!!!! 🙂

3) It will finally start cooling down…And by that I mean it will no longer be triple-digit heat everyday. A nice 99 degrees! Gotta love Arizona weather…

4) And because all my favorite shows are starting up again!!! (Look at the list below) = )

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I love my Momma!! =)

So in honor of my Momma’s birthday this weekend, I have decided to make a funny homage for her. =)

I love my Momma soooooo much!! =) She (and the works of the good Lord!) is the reason why I am where I am today! =) She has worked so hard for her kids and it is starting to pay off. MOM YOU ARE AMAZING, I LOVE YOU, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Mom if you are reading this, I know you hate memes because you think the “faces are so ugly” but humor me. =)

When my Mom cleans…

Except my Mom will say something more extreme like “It’s noon!”. lol


My little brother is guilty of doing this.

When the kids are hungry

Hope you enjoyed! lol =)

P.S. My Mom is the “cool mom” and everyone always loves hanging out at her house and she cooks better than your mom! =P


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Ahhhh… it is pay day Friday

Good grief I was starting to feel like the unfortunate sir in on the bottom.

But not anymore because it is PAY DAY FRIDAY!! =D

Hope everyone had a splendid week!

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It’s raining babies!

I am so excited to attend yet another baby shower! 🙂 I love going shopping for babies but you would not catch me shopping with a baby for another 10 years MINIMUM.

The thing that makes me sad is that the ratio of baby showers to weddings is about 4:1… I feel that to give the best way a child could grow up is with a COMPLETE family. Or at least with a father that they can go to. What kind of example are you setting as a mother if your baby’s daddy was a one night stand??? I honestly think some of the girls that are pregnant got pregnant because they are attention hogs. It annoys the crap out of me when these high school girls post a picture on Facebook every day showing of their stomachs and trying to look “sexy” at the same time. YOU ARE PREGNANT. That does not amount to any sort of sexiness. So stop exploiting your unborn child for attention.

For those who planned to be mothers and are married or at least committed to someone, CONGRATULATIONS. 🙂

Here is a meme to shed some humor on this prego craze lol 😛


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My poor Lakers…

As we all know by now Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Spurs tonight, winning the NBA Western Conference…I kinda wanted the Spurs to win, not because I like the Spurs, but because OKC beat the Lakers. Don’t hate. And NO I am not a Lakers “bandwagoner” because I actually was born in Cali. And wouldn’t I be a bandwagoner if I was supporting the OKC all of a sudden? Now that the Thunder is going strong all of a sudden I am seeing all these statuses on Facebook about how all these twirps have always loved OKC and how they are die-hard fans that always believed in them… -_- REALLY? Because I am pretty sure a few years ago when the Lakers were still killing the game no one knew who the Thunder was!!! And half of the girls that are gushing about Oklahoma can’t name two players or even two basketball positions.

I will give the OKC some props though for how well they have been playing. I won’t give them too many props though because they definitely have an age advantage over many teams in the NBA which have way older and more rundown players! I am surprised the poor old Spurs held on that long.

If you don’t know about basketball or Derek Fisher (ex-Laker now turned Thunder), you won’t understand this NBA Meme. lol

And of course shout-out to ASU Alum and Oklahoma City Thunder shooting guard JAMES HARDEN. You are making ASU proud!
As for the Eastern Conference, I think the Celtics will win, no offense Miami. Then hopefully the Celtics will be OKC. lol


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Sweet Black Nectar of the Gods

Sweet Black Nectar of the Gods

This is definitely the story of my college life when it comes to caffeinated drinks. Mountain Dew and coffee run in my veins! 😛

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