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Bacon Sundae…

Yes I said it: BACON SUNDAE. Sounds weird and looks like Diabetes in a cup…lol

Can be purchased at BK! lol

This is what I was introduced to the first time interning on the Tim & Willy morning show. haha =) Even though I had to be at the studio at 6 a.m this morning, I had a good time. BUT I chickened out and decided not to try it. It was waaaaay too early for that kind of snack! lol  They told me it tastes sweet and salty so I am thinking like when I combine Frosty’s with fries. lol =P Has anyone else tried that?

Observing the morning show on KLME 108 =)

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Midnight delicacies : )


IS THIS NOT A GENIUS IDEA?????!!!!!!! I was in heaven = ) I was a little disappointed by the amount of Nutella they put in the container though : / I hope they start selling these by the bulk!! = )


This picture is explains itself.

I meant to take a picture of it before it was devoured but I forgot…haha = )

I will have to say that In-N-Out does taste better in Cali, call me crazy.

And yes, these are the types of things I have been eating at midnight. Thank goodness In-N-Out stays open late!! =)

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My busy weekend part two: Hawaiian food!!

I went to a family graduation party and couldn’t get enough of the food! It was a luau theme but I think our family took the theme too seriously… We were the only ones wearing grass skirts and swim trunks… lol : P

I love kabobs!!! 🙂

Yummy in my tummy! 🙂

Let us feast! 🙂

Another thing I loved about this feast was the fruit dip! It is a mixture of cream cheese and that marshmallow stuff in a jar! : )

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Lunch Time at Work!

Finally something healthy!!

So I ran across the street  to a little place called Bowl of Greens to get something a little more healthy during my lunch break. I never thought eating healthy could taste so good!! I got the Number 3 Entree which was grilled chicken with crisp green beans, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and some herby rice! : ) Yum. I couldn’t get enough of that chicken and it wasn’t even fried!

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The junk that I eat…

If you don’t know by now, I am addicted to caffeinated drinks. My main squeeze of course is MOUNTAIN DEW.

Although Mt. Dew goes with everything for me, it tasted exceptional with my BLTC (bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese). I also love BLT’s and cheese so what better combo than a BLT with cheese?! : )
I got this BLTC at Duck & Decanter along with some gummies and swiss chocolate. D&D is a great place to find foreign candies, jams, or chocolate. Plus their subs and salads are great!

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Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles!! :D


Ever since the first time I went, I keep coming back for more. Funny thing is that I always get the same thing: CHICKEN AND WAFFLES. Why? Because it is the best fried chicken and waffles that I have ever tasted! Plus I throw in a basket of fries and a jar of Kool-Aid. lol : )
I know what you are thinking…CLASSIC! : )

This restaurant in Downtown Phoenix might seem unwelcoming from the outside, but it is cozy inside.
Beware. You might fall into a food coma. : ) And wear stretchy pants! lol

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The Rancher

Yummy : )

This is what I ate late last night with my roommate Lynnie at a little hole in the wall called Jobots! 🙂 Number 2, the Rancher, a crepe filled with chorizo, spinach, mozzerella, tomato and egg : P On the side was a delicious chipotle sauce!

Granted walking to a little neighborhood in Downtown Phoenix, late at night was a bad idea but it was worth it! : ) This was my first non-dessert crepe and it was surprisingly good…

I think I will return to Jobots soon for round 2!

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Just what I eat every day…

Once upon a time, a girl named Daisy used to be able to eat EVERYTHING she wanted WHEN she wanted and she never gained a pound. She was the envy of all her friends who, despite their efforts to diet and constantly exercise, never could get as small as her…

Then her metabolism slapped in her in the face. haha 🙂

Now that girl still eats everything, but feels guilty about it and exercises late at night when she is finally done with her day. Living at the dorms has confined her to eat plenty of unhealthy food and “nuking” everything in the microwave. Hopefully she can survive college without gaining the “Freshman 15”!!!


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