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Try a little tenderness

on November 29, 2012

If you want to get to woman’s heart and stay there then take this advice: TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS.
Honestly, girls are sooooo easy to please. We just want to be reminded why you love us sometimes! That isn’t too much to ask. This song speaks volumes, “You wanna squeeze her, don’t tease her, never leave her, hold her, grab her softly now, just try a little tenderness!”. That is all. Men sometimes make us out to be monsters. Sure some women are truly monsters but most of us just want love.

Here’s another tip for the men, just follow the 3 C’s: COMMUNICATION, CREATIVITY & COMMITMENT.

  • COMMUNICATION: You have heard it from the experts all the time, COMMUNICATION is key to a successful relationship and they weren’t kidding! Women want you to talk to them about your day and in return they want you to listen to their stories. Is that really too much to ask??? It’s not like they are asking you for a Burberry purse or a pink diamond. COMMUNICATION is also a great way to keep the trust going in a relationship. If you are up front about everything, your wife or girlfriend more likely will not think you are cheating on her. Overall, COMMUNICATION is a great way to stay on the same page!
  • CREATIVITY: You always hear these stories about how spouses cheat on each other because they were too bored with their relationship, well CREATIVITY is the solution to that problem. Think of it like ice cream; sure everyone loves vanilla but sometimes we want something more, something new like Cherry Garcia with gummy bears on a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. So if you know she is having a bad week at work, buy her some random flowers or write her a letter or buy her something or make a little dance routine for her or even serenade her!!! We love that stuff!!! It is something CREATIVE. Always go to the gym by yourself? Ask her to come with you! Does she always cook? Surprise her with her favorite cooked dinner! You don’t have to be good at it, we just like seeing the effort!!
  • COMMITMENT: Lastly is commitment. In general, just COMMIT yourself to the relationship. Do you love her??? Do you want this thing to work????? Then COMMIT!!! COMMIT to being there for her. COMMIT to making her smile. COMMIT to loving her unconditionally!!! THAT’S ALL WE WANT!!!

Brother, if you follow these 3 C’s you will keep your lady happy forever and from writing angry blogs about your relationship. And for the love of everything, TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS!

This is my favorite version of this song! : ) (please no Chris Brown jokes) If anyone sang to me like this, I would marry them right there! My Mom also told me to find a man who can sing or dance because they are the happiest. lol


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