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Try a little tenderness

If you want to get to woman’s heart and stay there then take this advice: TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS.
Honestly, girls are sooooo easy to please. We just want to be reminded why you love us sometimes! That isn’t too much to ask. This song speaks volumes, “You wanna squeeze her, don’t tease her, never leave her, hold her, grab her softly now, just try a little tenderness!”. That is all. Men sometimes make us out to be monsters. Sure some women are truly monsters but most of us just want love.

Here’s another tip for the men, just follow the 3 C’s: COMMUNICATION, CREATIVITY & COMMITMENT.

  • COMMUNICATION: You have heard it from the experts all the time, COMMUNICATION is key to a successful relationship and they weren’t kidding! Women want you to talk to them about your day and in return they want you to listen to their stories. Is that really too much to ask??? It’s not like they are asking you for a Burberry purse or a pink diamond. COMMUNICATION is also a great way to keep the trust going in a relationship. If you are up front about everything, your wife or girlfriend more likely will not think you are cheating on her. Overall, COMMUNICATION is a great way to stay on the same page!
  • CREATIVITY: You always hear these stories about how spouses cheat on each other because they were too bored with their relationship, well CREATIVITY is the solution to that problem. Think of it like ice cream; sure everyone loves vanilla but sometimes we want something more, something new like Cherry Garcia with gummy bears on a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. So if you know she is having a bad week at work, buy her some random flowers or write her a letter or buy her something or make a little dance routine for her or even serenade her!!! We love that stuff!!! It is something CREATIVE. Always go to the gym by yourself? Ask her to come with you! Does she always cook? Surprise her with her favorite cooked dinner! You don’t have to be good at it, we just like seeing the effort!!
  • COMMITMENT: Lastly is commitment. In general, just COMMIT yourself to the relationship. Do you love her??? Do you want this thing to work????? Then COMMIT!!! COMMIT to being there for her. COMMIT to making her smile. COMMIT to loving her unconditionally!!! THAT’S ALL WE WANT!!!

Brother, if you follow these 3 C’s you will keep your lady happy forever and from writing angry blogs about your relationship. And for the love of everything, TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS!

This is my favorite version of this song! : ) (please no Chris Brown jokes) If anyone sang to me like this, I would marry them right there! My Mom also told me to find a man who can sing or dance because they are the happiest. lol

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Why I Don’t Have Girl Friends

TIME FOR A RANT. MOST GIRLS ANNOY ME. And here are the reasons why:

  • They take so many freaking pictures of themselves, particularly their faces. Umm I already know what you look like and if  I can’t remember, I will make sure to look at your profile picture, thank you! And then they add a “deep” quote to accompany their picture such as “Ignorance is bliss”….DOES YOUR VAPID SELF EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?????  Or you have the ghetto girls that post something along the lines of “F@#$ h8terz, get muney” or some other profane message. I don’t know which post is worse! Then a funny thing happens; they get like a 1,000 “Likes” on that picture! lol Wow let me be vapid twit or ghetto wannabe and see how many likes I can get on Facebook or Instagram!

    This guy clearly understands what I mean.


  • Girls that pretend to not eat just so they can rub in other people’s face and get concern or pity. Or they are skinny twits that complain about being fat just so they can fish for compliments; “Omgee I am like so fat!” -girl that weighs 82 pounds. EVERYONE DESPISES THESE GIRLS. My boyfriend pokes fun at these drama queens by saying “A cracker a day keeps fat away!”. lol I don’t find that amusing either because there are people all over this world that are starving to death not by choice. On top of all that they make you feel uncomfortable when they are scoffing at you chowing down on a BLT. (P.S. For all you trolls that think I am being insensitive, just get off this page. I know what eating disorders look like and who is just fishing for compliments and salivation from men.)

Literally fishing for compliments.

Be a good healthy role model for pete’s sake!

  • Another thing that just churns me when it comes to girls is how fake they can be! I know so many girls that are amazing one on one but then they get around other girls or guys and all of a sudden they turn into “Valley Girl” monkeys. Whaaaa? What happened to the girl that I was just giggling with or holding an intellectual conversation with. So then I don’t know who is the real her because she is too busy being a chameleon and trying to be “cool” with everyone else to be herself. I don’t understand how they can live a lie! I would be miserable!!!


  • Many girls cry about not being able to find a man that respects them and yadi yada yada… Mind you, some of these are also the same girls that have pictures of themselves on Facebook half-naked and enjoy getting schwasted every weekend leading to lesbian make out with their “girls”. Yeah well I don’t respect them either and I am a girl so I don’t understand how a maturing man filled with testosterone and other hormones is supposed to not see them as anything but a “hook-up”. Ladies respect starts with yourself.

  • Another thing I cannot stand is girls being drama queens!!! They have to make everything over the top and gossip like CRAZY!!!!!! I get soooooo annoyed hearing about what this girl did or that boy did!!!! Did you also know that we are in a recession and there are people dying of starvation in Africa?? Did you also know that I have an internship, a few odd jobs, a part-time job and I am a full-time student trying to get by and make something of myself, which also means your drama is IRRELEVANT TO ME????

This is my reaction to your petty problems.

Girls I don’t hate you. I just wish you could respect yourself a little more, be more independent, and embrace who you are! I want us all to rise and succeed. Women did not do all this revolutionizing for you to become trashy and uneducated. LOVE YOURSELF! : )

All in all, this is how I feel 🙂

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