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Be Nice to “Ugly” Girls

on September 3, 2012

Bullying is a wide spread topic among schools and supposedly there are measures being taken to prevent it. Yet I still see headlines of 9-year-olds suiciding because they were being tormented for being too “fat” or “ugly”. I know from personal experience how it is to be bullied. People that meet me now don’t understand how DAISY PRADO could have been bullied! She is so opinionated and independent and happy! Well this is what I looked like starting from 4th grade until freshmen year of high school:

Me during my 5-year awkward stage.

That should explain why I was bullied. According to jr. high school kids, I wasn’t pretty enough. And after being told so often, I began to believe them. The only time “cute” boys would talk to me was to get some answers off my homework and I was too nice to say no. So I was “ugly” and a door mat. Very bad combo. Somehow I managed to keep my head up; maybe it was my Mother’s unconditional love or maybe my strong personality or maybe both!

After years of not feeling good enough and crying because I felt like an ogre, I finally bloomed. By “blooming” I mean I got braces, make-up, an established clothing style, a pair of tweezers, long luscious hair, along with boobs and a pronounced bottom. All of a sudden those guys that used to ask me for my homework answers, were asking me for my number. And so began my boy craze. I could not get enough of all this new found attention. Granted I wasn’t the most popular girl still but I was dating football players, which meant I was on top of my game! Or so I thought. Even though I knew in the back of my mind that these new “friends” were nothing but shallow strangers, I yearned for their attention. I yearned to be the “it” girl. I yearned to be in the “cool” kids crowd!

People think that only weak people can be bullied; that is a lie. I was always strong! I had been through a lot in my life but that never stopped me from being a excellent student and a good person. Yet I was still bullied. But I feel that being bullied made me stronger and more humble at the same time! And to be honest, I do get a little satisfaction knowing that I am on a scholarship in one of the best journalism schools in the world, learning to be a entertainment reporter while many of my bullies or “popular” girls are pregnant or growing a beer belly soaking up the “glory” days in my hometown.

Someday I hope to embark on a anti-bullying campaign because this needs to be recognized as a national issue. Helping the mental health of our country can prevent suicides or students going berserk and killing their classmates! I hope to make a difference about this!

All in all just remember to be nice to everyone you meet and don’t call that girl “ugly” because one day you might see her on TV! ; )

Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones

Me NOW. lol


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