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how our culture has changed

on July 5, 2012

After seeing this video about parents being terrified by some of the lyrics from a Beastie Boys’ song in 1986, I thought to myself  “These poor parents would crap themselves if they heard what Lil’ Wayne says in his songs”. It’s just astounding how much our culture has changed in the past 2 decades!!! Whatever did happen to good music? Or good rap? No offense rappers, but no one wants to hear you sexualize women or talk about how you dominate 3 of them every night. No one cares if you smoke pot and drink your kidney away everyday. And no one wants to hear how much money you make. DID YOU WANT A COOKIE FOR THESE DAILY ACCOMPLISHMENTS????? And since was it okay for you to talk like that?? I am pretty sure your grandmother would not tolerate that.


On a lighter note, I loved seeing the old Oprah! 🙂 She still has the same personality! Loving the ‘fro! lol 🙂


2 responses to “how our culture has changed

  1. angelad says:

    I totally agree with you. I refuse to listen to most of the popular stuff because of what they talk about in their songs. For me, the lyrics play a huge part into whether or not I like the song or not. Sometimes I wonder why people listen to them as well. Is it because they actually agree with what the singer is talking about or do they listen to it just because of the music itself and not the lyrics? “Good” music isn’t what is popular anymore.

  2. When it comes to rappers, i echo your sentiment. :\

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