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Happy Birthday Tupac =)

In honor of Tupac’s birthday which was on June 16th I have decided to put up some of my favorite quotes by him. He had so much left to give to the music industry and possibly the community. May he rest in peace. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =)

Sometimes you feel like the darkness will remain; but it won’t!

Ain’t that the truth…smh

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Bacon Sundae…

Yes I said it: BACON SUNDAE. Sounds weird and looks like Diabetes in a cup…lol

Can be purchased at BK! lol

This is what I was introduced to the first time interning on the Tim & Willy morning show. haha =) Even though I had to be at the studio at 6 a.m this morning, I had a good time. BUT I chickened out and decided not to try it. It was waaaaay too early for that kind of snack! lol  They told me it tastes sweet and salty so I am thinking like when I combine Frosty’s with fries. lol =P Has anyone else tried that?

Observing the morning show on KLME 108 =)

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what a real father is

A real husband, abuelito, and father.

In honor of Father’s Day I wanted to do a post about my grandpa and what a real father is. It is not easy being a father. You have to be the provider, the strong one, the one that your little girl runs to when she needs protection. But being a father is not impossible. I don’t have any respect for those “men” that up and leave their family or never even take part in their family’s life. If you still need to grow up then don’t have children yet! I especially see this happen with young couples or teenage couples. They don’t know what to do so they leave like cowards.
My grandpa was such an admirable person. He worked so hard during his life to provide for his girls. He busted his butt working in the fields and always made sure his girls had everything they needed to succeed and be happy. He taught me that life is hard but it isn’t impossible. You just have to make the most out of what you got. =*) I always enjoyed sitting next to him and hearing his stories. I always got excited when I knew he was going to cook for us!! (He was a chef at one point so his carne asada was to die for =D) We always cracked jokes at inappropriate times and I think I get my harsh humor from him. lol =) And even though he has been gone for about 5 years now, every time I talk about him I still bawl my eyes out! That’s when you know you were a good person and you lived a good life! When I leave this world I want to be remembered with tears like my grandpa. I want to be remembered as a good person.
I know my grandpa is probably looking down right now and saying “Ay mija porque estas llorando?!” (My girl why are you crying?!). Because you left us too early Gramps!!! lol =/ I had so much left to learn!! I wanted you to dance the father-daughter dance at my quinceanera and at my wedding. But I know you are watching over us now. And guiding us. Don’t worry Gramps I will make you proud! =)


Moving on to something less morbid. lol I saw this on Celebuzz for Father’s Day and I thought it was so freakin cute!!!!!! =) I am already quite the FAN of Chris Hemsworth but this just blew it out of proportion!!! lol =) The way he is carrying his little girl with so much care and tenderness. Just seeing such a large and masculine man show so much attention to such a little beauty melts my heart away!!

And this one is for my Mother whom I adore and I thank for everything she has done for us.
Remember to thank your “father” whoever he may be in your life, or thank your mother for stepping up to the plate.

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What should I be for Halloween?

Alright I am a pretty big fan of super heroines in comics. (And a major fan of The Avengers and X-men!!! =) )

Anyways, I always go full out with my costumes for Halloween, just because I love dressing up, showing my creativity, and having fun! =) Last year I made my own Princess Jasmine costume from scratch (look below) and this year I want to go the super hero route! =)

Ms. Kat the Cat with Princess Jasmine =)
Halloween 2011 @ the dorms

Here are the choices that I have narrowed down to. Help!

Black Widow because she is a bad A. =)

Catwoman because she rocks! =) So does Miss Halle Berry!

Storm because she controls the freakin weather! =) And Halle Berry again.

Last but not least, Spidergirl! And because I earned the nickname after a certain sunburn. lol =)


Which “Call Me Maybe” parody do you like the most?

I know I have already posted something about Call Me Maybe but I found an even better version!! =) Which one is your favorite?

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I love my Momma!! =)

So in honor of my Momma’s birthday this weekend, I have decided to make a funny homage for her. =)

I love my Momma soooooo much!! =) She (and the works of the good Lord!) is the reason why I am where I am today! =) She has worked so hard for her kids and it is starting to pay off. MOM YOU ARE AMAZING, I LOVE YOU, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Mom if you are reading this, I know you hate memes because you think the “faces are so ugly” but humor me. =)

When my Mom cleans…

Except my Mom will say something more extreme like “It’s noon!”. lol


My little brother is guilty of doing this.

When the kids are hungry

Hope you enjoyed! lol =)

P.S. My Mom is the “cool mom” and everyone always loves hanging out at her house and she cooks better than your mom! =P


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Ahhhh… it is pay day Friday

Good grief I was starting to feel like the unfortunate sir in on the bottom.

But not anymore because it is PAY DAY FRIDAY!! =D

Hope everyone had a splendid week!

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Midnight delicacies : )


IS THIS NOT A GENIUS IDEA?????!!!!!!! I was in heaven = ) I was a little disappointed by the amount of Nutella they put in the container though : / I hope they start selling these by the bulk!! = )


This picture is explains itself.

I meant to take a picture of it before it was devoured but I forgot…haha = )

I will have to say that In-N-Out does taste better in Cali, call me crazy.

And yes, these are the types of things I have been eating at midnight. Thank goodness In-N-Out stays open late!! =)

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THAT friend

We all have THAT friend that is boy crazy. This is what she looks like when she is trying to get the attention of a boy…

I won’t name anyone, but it is time for a RANT.
Why do girls act like this??? They want boys to take them seriously and blah blah blah. Then they have to put up a stupid status on Facebook about how they will never find true love. Honey, you are too busy chasing the new guy I just introduced you to and embarrassing yourself to find true love. And then they wonder why they get used like a tissue. Well, it’s because it is easy to use you and then dispose of you like a tissue.

Some people do not understand that when you least expect it is when you will find a true mate. So stop looking and chasing because the only thing you are doing is getting yourself sick and driving away all my friends. Also growing up a little will also help you find a man.

Here is another picture of what THAT friend looks like. lol

And here is a video about awful things that girls do to annoy me. But from a MALE’S PERSPECTIVE!!!

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My busy weekend: Being a crazy intern!

While everyone is being “young and wild and free” this summer, I have 2 internships and a job. Wooohooo go summer! lol : P
No worries though, I will get my turn…WHEN I AM RICH AND FAMOUS. Muahahahaha : ) Well, hopefully if all my hard work (and free work lol) pays off!

So I decided to help out at the One Direction concert…BIG MISTAKE. These kids mean business. Even their desperate moms meant business as well. Everyone and their mom (literally) would come up and ask us if we had tickets. The answer was always NO. Why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT FOR MONTHS! I have never seen fans like this before. I have been to a Young Money Cash Money Billionaires concert (starring Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross) and to the Drake concert and to the Chris Brown concert, but I have never seen behavior like this! These little girls would scream for EVERYTHING; “Omg it’s blank’s girlfriend!” “Omg it’s their drummer!” “Omg it’s their back-up dancer!” “Omg it’s their security guard!” WHO FREAKIN KNOWS THE NAME OF AN ARTIST’S BACK-UP DANCER???!!!! The answer is One Directioners. 

Here are some pics from the concert day:

Outside Comerica waiting for the concert to begin 5 hours prior…

Psycho fans waiting in the ridiculous heat for One Direction to pop out of their tour bus! Some were crying from joy…

Rikki and I inside the Comerica Theater where the One Direction concert was held.

Zayne coming out of his tour bus. Best-looking by far.

Ashley and I heading to the concert in 101.5 Jamz nice new car! #bigpimpin

My summer internship 🙂

Helped with a KMLE event the previous day. #WERK I don’t know what a weekend is…lol

I really do pray sacrificing my college summers pays off in the end.

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